Welcome to Raghuvansh Academy

       Taking in view the fact that the demand for improved quality of education is growing day by day & the need of the hour required high class education. It was realized by Honorable Chairman Mr.B.P.Singh to establish a public school in South Kanpur for imparting education of the highest quality. The society was founded on April 1994. RAGHUVANSH ACADEMY is an English Medium co-educational Public School.
       The School shall Endeavour to be not only an establishment for the acquisition of knowledge but also concern itself with the development of character and the provision of self motivation to learn so that education becomes an adventurous quest for knowledge.


       Education means simultaneous development of body, mind and character. It does not mean empty show off or indiscriminate revolt to tradition. It is a blend of intellect, culture, capacity to discern & original thinking. It should be a conscious, methodical application of the best means in the wisdom of the ages to the end that youth may know how to live completely. They who provide much wealth for their children, but neglect to improve them in virtue, do like those who feed their horse high, but never train them to manage.
       There is a long journey ahead. We will proceed steadily & do our bit in building good citizen, happy home & prosperous nation.

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